How To Choose a Hotel In France

France is a country that annually receives millions of tourists. A country with a rich cultural and historical heritage, the French are very careful about their history, the sights of France, but at the same time do not lag behind the flow of time, we can safely say that they are trendsetters in many areas of life. France is very romantic, mysterious and interesting. In France, there is everything for an unforgettable holiday.

The holidays in France are so diverse that it is often very difficult to make a choice. You can give preference to a brilliant Paris, plunge into medieval France in the castles of the Loire, drive through the provinces and look into a French village, make a gastronomic tour, go to the mountains for winter sports.

When you have decided where to go in France, you should choose a hotel for recreation. The hotel should usually be chosen according to the region you are going to and for what purpose. This article will answer the questions how to choose the right hotel in France.

How to choose a hotel in Paris

The cultural center of France is, of course, Paris. As soon as this city is not called, gorgeous, beautiful, picturesque, brilliant, playful, frivolous, but even these epithets will be few. Journey to Paris will be remembered forever. Believe me, there are a lot of interesting museums and attractions in Paris. Once you visit the city, you will definitely want to come back here again and again.

Paris is the most visited European capital, thanks to the endless flow of tourists, the choice of hotel in the city is very large. In order to choose a hotel that you will like, you need to know some features of the hotel base. First of all, pay attention to the location of the hotel.

Most hotels in the center of Paris are located in ancient buildings. Budget hotels are quite suitable for accommodation, but it is possible that you will be provided with a very small room, which may lack the necessary sound insulation. The room will be clean, the staff is very polite, and the budget price and excellent location will negate all the shortcomings.

More expensive hotels provide their clients with maximum comfort, exquisite interiors, excellent service, and additional services. When choosing a hotel, pay attention to the room description, because some offers imply a bathroom not in the room, but on the floor.

You may save money on accommodation, but then you should consider a hotel, which is far from the center. In this case, you will have more options to choose, because along with conservative, traditional hotels, there are many new, modern hotels. Transportation in Paris is so well developed that you do not have to worry about the difficult accessibility of the city’s attractions.

The usual type of meals in Paris hotels is breakfast. As a rule, it includes fragrant coffee, croissants, and sometimes jam dishes made of eggs and fruit.

For the most economical tourists there are accommodation options in hostels and dormitories, but you should remember that you shouldn’t expect comfort and Parisian charm from such rooms.

But we must also mention the “dark” sides of this wonderful city. First of all, these are the neighborhoods, where people from Arab and African countries live. It is better to avoid these streets, so it is better not to book a hotel in such areas.

Rates in hotels range from 70 to several thousand euros per room. On average, a double room will cost 100-150 euros per night. The cost of hotels in the French capital depends on its category, location, and the season. During the high seasons – Christmas – New Year, in the spring-summer period, during events (high fashion week, exhibition salons, etc.) prices increase significantly. At this time I advise you to book a few months in advance.

The location of the hotel in Paris is assessed by its remoteness from the center, by the monuments located nearby and by the reputation of the quarter. The most expensive districts are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 districts, at moderate prices – 8.11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.

Provinces of France

Curious tourists will certainly include in their route travel not only Paris, but also the provinces of France. It is in the provinces you will feel the medieval France, learn a lot about this country, go deep into history, and feel like a true Frenchman.

The province of Ile de France is interesting for Versailles, exquisite castles and a rich historical heritage. Located around Paris, the province of the Ile de France was the center of medieval France, a yard of revolutionary movements, and was home to the resistance movement during the Nazi occupation.

In Aquitaine, you will find the most interesting cultural heritage sites of different epochs, ancient architectural monuments, palaces, castles and much more. It is here that the Bordeaux region is located, where the most popular grape varieties in winemaking (Cabernet-Fran, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Hardbird and Malbec) are grown. The wineries are located in close proximity to the vineyards, so a visit to Bordeaux will not take place without tasting French wine.

The province of Brittany is washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and the coast is covered with white sand. Imagine picturesque fishing villages, medieval fortresses, a population that has carefully preserved old traditions – a place where you can see the true France of the last century.

Be sure to visit Royal Burgundy, elegant Normandy, Gothic Picardia and respectable Provence. No less interesting provinces are Nor-Pais de Calais, Rhone Alpes, South Pyrenees, Od, Alsace.

Very often, the choice of a hotel in a particular province is associated with just a few days spent there, so special attention should be paid to the location of the hotel. As in the whole France, the hotels of the province meet European standards, and even 2 and 3 star hotels guarantee cleanliness and necessary conditions for recreation. Room price is affected by the availability of air conditioning, room area and its equipment.

If you want something unusual, but certainly French, then choose a hotel, located in the castle. Yes, it is in this medieval castle, you can rent one of the rooms as a hotel room. Such accommodation does not leave anyone indifferent, because it is here that the legends of ghosts, stories about knights, barbarians and other events of the past era are immediately remembered.

Holidays at the sea

If you decide to relax in France by the sea, you can safely count on amazing beaches, luxury hotels, interesting public, a huge number of entertainment.
However, the pleasure to rest on the French Cote d’Azur is not cheap.

Your choice may be to stay in the cinematic capital of the world – Cannes, or prefer luxury Nice. For a holiday with children will be suitable Antibes-Juan Le Pen, where club hotels, water parks, oceanarium are built. Romanticists will love the resort of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, located on the Cap Ferrat peninsula, surrounded by pine and eucalyptus groves.

Saint-Tropez is a city of millionaires, luxury and social life. Here is the unique atmosphere of life’s holiday; every inch of the resort exudes success and sophistication. The price for hotels is also at a high level. But each hotel is a masterpiece, a lagoon of comfort and luxury.

The level of the hotel is primarily characterized by stars, hotel chain name, location and set of services. The more famous the resort is, the higher is the price for accommodation even in the most modest hotels.

Skiing in France

Ski resorts in France are the most popular places for winter holidays. At your disposal are elite hotels, cozy chalets, villas, apartments, hostels.
Rhône-Alpes is the heart of the French Alps, and this is where the main resorts are located: Courchevel, Wald” Isere, Meribel. If you want to spend a winter vacation in the French Alps, then get ready for the fact that the prices are literally hung up on everything here. Most hotels impress with luxury and comfort, but you have to pay for it, and not less. Restaurants in French ski resorts are ready to pamper gourmets with gourmet French cuisine, entertainment facilities will not let you get bored at night, and spa salons with saunas and swimming pools will help you relax after numerous descents from the slopes.

The Pyrenees are less popular among tourists. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the ski season here is much shorter, and the quality and service are higher, which greatly affects the cost of recreation. The main resorts of the southern mountain range are Gourette, Pierre San Martin, Kotere, and Tourmalet.

When choosing a place to stay at French ski resorts, you should pay attention to its location and remoteness from the ski slopes.
Despite the fact that many hotels are very expensive, economical tourists have something to choose from. With the growing popularity of French resorts, built here and budget housing (hostels, apartments, low-cost hotels, etc.). That is why on the slopes of France you can find all categories of tourists: students and celebrities.

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